All members can put forward motions to be considered at the conference from Monday July 4 2022.


Proposed motions should be strategic, affect members state-wide and introduce new or emerging policy issues and actions. Before submitting motions, members are encouraged to review the Action Reports Blue padlock icon from previous conferences and positions of LGNSW set out in the LGNSW Policy Platform. These resources will assist with the drafting of motions, as will the 2022 Motions Submissions Guide.

Deadline for submitting motions
To allow for preparation of the Business Paper before the conference, members are asked to submit their motions by Monday 29 August 2022. In line with the LGNSW rules, the latest date motions will be accepted for inclusion in the Conference Business Paper is Sunday 25 September 2022.

Should you require assistance with the drafting or submission of motions please email Elle Brunsdon, LGNSW Policy Officer, or call 02 9242 4082.

Business Paper

Member councils will be sent an electronic copy of the business paper in the week commencing Monday 10 October 2022.